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Legal Disclaimer

Aegean Seagull  is a VIRTUAL airline system that utilizes the Microsoft Flight Simulator program to simulate flight operations of a fictitious airline. One of its primary goals (See Operations Chart for the detailed goal analysis) is to enhance the fun of its pilots in their effort to simulate as much as they can real life flying in Europe plus giving them the opportunity to get to know Hellenic (Greek) airports/airspace better without neglecting respective experience in the rest of the world countries.

Aegean Seagull does not, by any means, simulate operations of any real world airline. Its name is NOT connected in any way with any real world airline and it is copyrighted for operations in the flight simulation sphere. However its livery and brand name is copyrighted for all kind of activities and Management reserves every right on it. 

All material that can be found in this site is for use with FLIGHT SIMULATOR ONLY.

Aegean Seagull declares that :

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