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Join Us

Here is the procedure to join Aegean Seagull :

- Fill out the data in Application Form (No application will enter the evaluation phase if all requested data are not supplied and all questions are not answered)  

- Management evaluates the application and in case it considers it is meeting its criteria initially, it  will notify the applicant that ASe is willing to start his/her evaluation prior to his/her hiring by the company.

- Applicant flies a set of evaluation flights escorted by ASe's Management. During this set of evaluation flights, the applicant must prove :

        a. Familiarity with On-line flights procedures

        b. Highly developed flying skills and knowledge

         c.  Excellent use of English Aviation language

   It is in Management's judgement to decide how many flights will be flown as well as the destination/origin of these flights. Almost all of them will be flown undet full ATC and a number of them will be participation in events around the world. The final target of Management is to assure that the callsign "Seagull" will continue to enjoy the high respect from all virtual flyers and controllers around the world.

After the conclusion of this Evaluation Flights Set, Management will announce to the Applicant whether he/she suceeded in meeting ASe's criteria and in case he/she does, he/she gets his/her Pilot Id.

A successful pilot will be included in the Pilot Roster after submitting his/her first PIREP.

Aegean Seagull declares that all personal data and info contained in your Application Form will be used only in the evaluation procedure for the hiring of its pilots and they will be treated in the most strictly confidential way. On its part Aegean Seagull will do anything in its power to avoid this info passing to any third party.

If an applicant fails the original test, he/she can re-apply after one month. 

Aegean Seagull reserves the exclusive right to select its pilots according to its own criteria and needs. There will be no ability for a failed applicant to appeal or request the reasons why he/she was not accepted in the ASe VAS.

Click here for the Application Form.

Note : We do not transfer hours logged for other Virtual Airlines.


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