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The main forum for Aegean Seagull's pilots to express their opinion or ask questions or find answers to them is a yahoogroups mailing list. Once accepted a pilot will be automatically subscribed to this mailing list and it is a prerequisite that a pilot is a member of this Mailing List in order to keep his/her position in the Roster. If you are not an Aegean Seagull pilot please do not apply to join this list.

These are the addresses for the Aegean Seagull's mailing List:

Post message:

We also strongly recommend to subscribe to the VATSIM Hellenic vACC's mailing list as well as to the Greek Division of IVAO one. Some of the most experienced flight simmers are subscribers there and can solve almost all of your general FS problems plus the specific ones that relate with flying in the virtual Hellenic Airspace. 

PLEASE take care and be sure about your anti-virus shield in your PC to avoid disturbing the rest of our friends. We suggest the use of Norton Antivirus with on line updates as often as you can.


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