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Operations Chart v6.2 (March 31st 2011)

1. General

 Aegean Seagullís primary goal is to create an elite group of dedicated pilots that will fly on line around  the world, having the most fun out of it. We are, actually, the very first VA around the world that introduced the exclusive on line flights in its operations.

An applicant should have MS Flight Simulator (version FS2K or later) and the ability to fly on line as it is IMPERATIVE that all of our operations take place on-line in IVAO ( or VATSIM ( organizations environment. All ASe VAS is interested in, is to provide its pilots a systematic framework within which they will be able to perform their flying as close as they can get to real world operations and finally have the most fun out of it. In this effort IVAO and VATSIM are our primary partners and more specifically Hellenic Virtual Area Control Center ( on VATSIM side - one of the most famous, active and efficient VACCs in the world and the Hellenic Division of IVAO a very prominent and fast growing nucleus. It is self-evident that a pilot must have valid PID from VATSIM or IVAO  to join Aegean Seagull.

Aegean Seagull does not simulate the operations of any real world airline and its name is by no means connected to any real world airline. All material that can be found in its site is supporting SIMULATED FLYING ONLY and has nothing to do with the real world flying. Please see our Legal Disclaimer section for more details.

All Aegean Seagull pilots should be at least 18 years of age. Just because Aegean Seagull cannot verify this, it accepts the original age input as correct. In case someone violates this fundamental rule, he/she will be removed from the roster IMMEDIATELY and Aegean Seagull reserves every right it has on this issue. Exceptions on this rule are to Managementís judgement.

2. Administration - Management

  Airline policy is produced by the Management, which comprises of the :

Both are responsible to provide everything in their power for the high-standard running of the airline. The Management is always at the disposal of the pilots and is also happy to communicate with them giving solutions to possible problems.

 3. Appointment procedure

Since we would like to see only experienced pilots in our Roster, please have in mind that our primary criterion to justify a well experienced pilot is to have some 250-300 on-line flight hours in his/her log. It is self evident that these flight hours should be provable via the on-line flight organizations records. 

Here is the procedure to join Aegean Seagull :

- Fill out the data in Application Form (No application will enter the evaluation phase if all requested data are not supplied and all questions are not answered)  

- Management evaluates the application and in case it considers it is meeting its criteria initially, it  will notify the applicant that ASe is willing to start his/her evaluation prior to his/her hiring by the company.

- Applicant flies a set of evaluation flights escorted by ASe's Management. During this set of evaluation flights, the applicant must prove :

        a. Familiarity with On-line flights procedures

        b. Highly developed flying skills and knowledge

         c.  Excellent use of English Aviation language

   It is in Management's judgement to decide how many flights will be flown as well as the destination/origin of these flights. Almost all of them will be flown undet full ATC and a number of them will be participation in events around the world. The final target of Management is to assure that the callsign "Seagull" will continue to enjoy the high respect from all virtual flyers and controllers around the world.

After the conclusion of this Evaluation Flights Set, Management will announce to the Applicant whether he/she suceeded in meeting ASe's criteria and in case he/she does, he/she gets his/her Pilot Id.

A successful pilot will be included in the Pilot Roster after submitting his/her first PIREP.

Aegean Seagull declares that all personal data and info contained in your Application Form will be used only in the evaluation procedure for the hiring of its pilots and in its effort to accomodate pilots operations as well as possible. These data  will be treated in the most strictly confidential way and on its part Aegean Seagull will do anything it can to avoid this info passing to any third party.

If an applicant fails to be selected, he/she has the opportunity to reapply, since he/she has paid enough attention to overcome the problems that appeared during the initial Evaluation Flights Set. 

Aegean Seagull reserves the exclusive right to select its pilots according to its own criteria and needs. There will be no room for a failed applicant to appeal or request the reasons why he/she was not accepted in the ASe VAS.

We do not transfer hours logged for other Virtual Airlines. A pilotís career in our VAS starts from Zero hrs.

4. Roster combatibility - Pilots Number

As clearly stated in our primary goal, we want to create an elite group of dedicated pilots. Although we cannot prevent anyone from being a pilot of another VA, we believe that the exclusive use of "Seagull" - ASe callsign is a  strong proof of a pilot's dedication and this is very important for us. We understand that it is all about a hobby plus the fact that every virtual pilot would very much like to take as many things as possible from any virtual airline he/she can participate, but we also consider the use of a sole callsign an index of a pilot's high spirit along to a single Identity in the virtual world of flying. Special exclusions to this rule are reserved to Management's judgement, although we will apply this rule strictly in the new pilots of ASe

In case  an applicant declares that he serves as a top Management member for another greek VA, his/her Application will not enter the evaluation phase. We consider that being a Management member for another greek VA declares in the most positive way that a pilot chases his dream for the virtual flying world in another channel from the one of Aegean Seagull. Beyond any doubt, it is his/her right to do so but ASe wants its pilots to be exclusive. 

The Pilots Roster is meant to be restricted to a number of pilots that Management considers enough to serve without any problem. However this will not serve as a constraint in our system and there will be always a place in our Roster for an experienced and dedicated virtual pilot. The number of our pilots will be strictly in Management's judgement. As mentioned above, a successful applicant pilot will be included in the Roster, after he/she submits his/her first PIREP.

5. Flight Assignments - Charter Flights

All pilots, once accepted, are qualified to fly all types of aircraft and all flights in Aegean Seagull's operations spectrum. No need for bidding. In case a pilot flies a flight that is not included in our Flights Schedules, this flight is considered a Charter Flight and will be logged regularly. It is self evident that a pilot does not violate any kind of Operational Limitations for any possible reason.

6. Pilot reports (PIREPs)

We use the FSACARS PIREP system and the FS Passengers Flight report format. So all pilots are urged to utilize these programs. We will gladly accept his/her PIREP in this format. 

In case a pilot of ours is not in a position to use these utitlities, then he/she has to submit the PIREP form found in our site by e-mail. To fill out this form he/she needs to have the following flight data : Aircraft used, Gate Departure Time, Gate Arrival Time, Cruise Altitude, Cruise Speed, Winds at Cruise Altitude, Fuel on Engine StartUp, Fuel on Engine ShutDown,  Flight Distance, network he/she logged in, Route (SID,waypoints,STAR etc), ATC availability. The Pilotís Roster will be updated as often as possible.

 If you check our annual awards section, you will find some awards that they are based on these formats and the data they track on every flight. As a result of this, only pilots utilizing these FS Acars and FS Passengers PIREP formats will be eligible for this kind of awards. 

Aegean Seagull pilots log Block to Block Duration in their logbooks. In other words they have credit for the time from terminal gate/stand on departure to terminal gate/stand  on arrival. 

You should enter your Duration using the decimal format i.e. if you have flown for 45 minutes you should enter 0.75 hrs, if you have flown 1hr and 45 mins you should enter 1.75 hrs etc.

Pilotsí reports are examined thoroughly and comments can be made on them. In case there had been some problems with the flight flown, the pilot should report them in the comments section of the PIREP form.

Hours logged by our pilots are subject to check against the hours in IVAO or VATSIM records and it is self evident that the perspective  hours should overcome the Aegean Seagull logged hrs. The ICAO code for Aegean Seagull vAS is ASE and the IATA code is AS.

7. Operations Structure - Fleet Structure

ASe's Operations extend in two fields :

Management decides on the Operation fields necessity and acts properly to expand.

The Fleet of Aegean Seagull is meant to be exclusively used by its pilots and is structured in two categories :

Management decides if an expansion is appropriate and with what aircraft types.

8. Ranks - Promotions

Upon appointment, pilots are assigned the rank of Second Officer.

10 hrs are needed to be logged, before the pilot gets promoted the First Officer rank.

After more 30 hrs, (40 hrs total) the pilot receives the rank of  Junior Captain.

After more 40 hrs, (80 hrs total) the pilot receives the rank of  Line Captain.

After 50 more hrs, (130 hrs total) the pilot receives the rank of Chief Captain.

After 100 more hrs, (230 hrs total) the pilot receives the rank of Fleet Captain.

After logging a total of 300 hrs the pilot receives the rank of Senior Captain.

After logging a total of 400 hrs the pilot receives the rank of Senior Line Captain.

After logging a total of 500 hrs the pilot receives for the rank of Senior Chief Captain.

After logging a total of 750 hrs the pilot receives the rank of Senior Fleet Captain.

After logging a total of 1000 hrs the pilot receives the rank of Instructor Captain.

After logging a total of 1500 hrs the pilot receives the rank of Instructor Line Captain.

After logging a total of 2000 hrs the pilot receives the rank of Instructor Chief Captain.

After logging a total of 2500 hrs the pilot receives the rank of Instructor Fleet Captain.

9. Pilots  obligations Ė Pilots Roster

A pilot is obliged to fly at least 2 flights per month to be considered an ACTIVE pilot. If he/she fails to meet the above criterion, the pilot automatically falls into the "INACTIVE" status. In case a pilot remains in the INACTIVE status for more than 2 months it is up to Management judgement whether he/she will be kept in the Roster or he/she will get early retirement from our virtual airline system. 

We have a special status for pilots who truly honour Aegean Seagull with their cooperation, but they are not be able to fulfil their obligations in regards with ASe flights. These pilots are our "Associate Pilots", they appear with orange/gold fonts in our Pilots Roster and they are free to fly the "Seagull" callsign whenever they wish to. Their hours will be logged, but they are not included in the active pilots number.

In regards with Aegean Seagull's Annual Events, a pilot should take care and participate in all of them except for serious reasons that might keep him/her away from them.

All ASe pilots are obliged to respond properly to all Management supplied surveys.

10. Aegean Seagull Annual Awards

Aegean Seagull will give annual awards in order to honour ASe members and non-members as well. These are:

    - Distinguished Seagull Award

        This award will be given to the Seagull pilot that have logged the most hours for the previous calendar year.

    - Long distance Seagull

        This award will be given to the Seagull pilot that has logged the flight that has covered the longest distance for the previous calendar year.

    - International Seagull

        This award will be given to the Seagull pilot that has logged the most international flights.

    - Domestic Seagull

        This award will be given to the Seagull pilot that has logged the most domestic flights.

    - Smooth Seagull - Jet - Turboprops

        This award will be given to the Seagull pilot that has managed to land safely with the minimum touchdown rate. Two awards will be given in the Jet and Turboprops categories respectively. Only pilots that are using FSACARS or FS Passengers PIREPs system will be eligible for these two awards. 

   -  Artist Seagull

        This award will be given to the Seagull pilot that will send us the best screenshot from his/her flights.

        All award winning pilots will be announced publicly by the end of January at the latest.  

11. Simulation Rates

All flights are to be flown in 1x simulation rate. No acceleration is allowed for any possible reason.

12. Training Ė Navigation

Aegean Seagull will by no means act as a Flight Academy. It is exactly this the reason why we apply such strict procedures in order to employ a pilot. Via these procedures, which can change according to managementís demands, we secure up to a viable degree that our pilots are more than familiar with flight fundamentals and belong to the upper 20% of the FS community. Thus it is the pilots' responsibility to be familiar with all MS-Flight Sim navigation tools. The use of Navigation addons and other helpful tools for pilots is by all means welcome. We recommend FSNavigator as an effective flight planner with a lot of extra features. We use this flight planner when we organize our MP sessions and it would be good for our pilots to have it.

All maps that a pilot needs to fly in Hellas can be found in this URL: or We consider ourselves partners to both Hellenic VACC  (VATSIM) and Hellenic Division (IVAO) and we are sure that the friendly and efficient environment established in the hellenic virtual skies is something that you will enjoy a lot.

For the rest of world  countries, charts can be found in the sites of the respective IVAO and VATSIM divisions/vACCs.

13. Pilot Leaves

We consider the vacations period of the year as an exception to the period which a pilot should meet the 2 flights a month criterion. In case there are serious reasons that this criterion cannot be met, the pilot is entitled to 1 month leave per year.

14. Inter-Communications

Aegean Seagull communicates with its Pilots and vice versa via e-mail and its Mailing List. Pilots are free and welcome to contact the Management and expose their problems or suggest their ideas. In case a pilot can not be reached on a provided e-mail address, he/she will be removed from the Roster immediately. We need you to provide a regular e-mail address and not a hotmail one.

15. On-Line Events

Aegean Seagull is an exclusively on-line orientated Virtual Airline System. From time to time On Line MultiPilot Sessions will be organized, utilizing the excellent ATC services of VATSIM  Hellenic Virtual Area Control Center (Hellenic VACC) and IVAO Hellenic Division as well as these of the rest of World Countries Divisions/vACCs.

We also participate in selected Fly-ins in  VATSIM and IVAO environment. All pilots will be notified about these Events well in advance.

16. Attitude - Rules of Behaviour

Management will not tolerate any behaviour out of line. Any pilot offending Aegean Seagullís good image around the virtual flying world will be suspended from active duty. If an apology is offered and the pilot re-assures the Management that this will not happen again, he/she will be reinstated otherwise he/she will be expelled from the airline. The Managementís decision is final and there is no room for any appeal to it.

Operations Chart v6.2 March 31st 2011

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