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ATR42-500 Sounds

Try this nice pack of sounds. Although not an ATR42-500 sounds pack, it is the very best you find around. You can download it from

FS2000 ATR 42-300/Alenia Sound Pack
[ Download | View ]

Name: Size: 5,912,817 Date: 08-08-2000 Downloads: 8285
FS2000 ATR 42-300/Alenia Sound Pack v1.02. High performance and realistic complete turboprop sound package, designed using new 3D technique and FS2000 features which brings very realistic dynamic sounds quality. Environment and engines sounds reproduce ATR 42-300 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW120E and Alenia avionics. Shutdown and startup sounds, touchdown, reverse, feaser, prop pitch change, gears and flaps, Alenia warnings and more. By Ruslan Forostyak.


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