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Aegean Seagull vAS Under Publicity Lights

Article published on VANF on the 1st of December 2001 reporting on the "ASe Flies to Santa's Home" Yearly Event.

Aegean Seagull to visit Santa

-By Jonathan Rone: Tue Dec 4 02:24:48 2001

ATHENS (VANF) - For pilots and passengers wishing to visit Santa after the holidays, Aegean Seagull will be hosting its yearly event "Aeagean Seagull Flies to Santa's Home" on December 29.

In a brief statement issued to the media on Saturday, Aegean Seagull Virtual Airline System Chief Executive Fotis Dimitropoulos says that the event is open to all pilots and will leave Athens, Greece, for Rovaniemi, Finland.

Although not mandatory, Aeagean Seagull will use the Boeing 737-700 aircraft at 0.78 Mach to fly to Rovaniemi.

Check-in time for pilots begins 4:30PM GMT and initial departure time begins 4:40PM GMT.

Founded by Fotis Dimitropoulos in early January 2001, Aegean Seagull Virtual Airline System focuses on being the industry's most advanced virtual airline within the restrictions of the flight simulator.

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