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Aegean Seagull Virtual Airline System

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Aegean Seagull vAS Under Publicity Lights

Article published on FSINN Europe on the 22nd of August 2001 reporting on the official ASe start of operations.

  Aegean Seagull Virtual Airline System Takes-off

Posted:  Wednesday, 22 August 2001 by Ray Steinle

ATHENS, Greece (FSINN Europe) – In a press release, Fotis Dimitropoulos announced the opening of Aegean Seagull Virtual Airlines System (AsevAS). Dimitropoulos stated, “Aegean Seagull will be active in Greece (Hellas) and will facilitate pilots flying within the Hellenic FIR borders.”

ASe plans to focus on what it believes are key factors in the success of a virtual airline. For example, all flying will take place on-line, the size of the airline will be restricted to 20 pilots for better interaction. Dimitripoulos stated, “We strongly believe that ASe belongs to a new breed of Virtual Airlines that will satisfy their pilot’s needs to a maximum degree, provided its site structure and the general way of running.”

Also, ASe pilots will have to score high on a difficult test to be considered for one of the pilot slots. When commenting on this philosophy, Dimitripoulos said, “ [The pilot] will have to prove his/her aeronautical knowledge is far above average so there will be no check ride for the rest of his/her career. So by default ASe will have an elite base of pilots that will need no initial, or intermediate training.”

The airline plans to focus its operations within Greece. However, ASe does have plans to participate in community events such as fly-ins. However if a pilot would like to fly a route that is not registered in our schedules he/she is free to ask for it and permission will be granted right away. The new air carrier has established membership with VATSIM and the IVAO divisions that cover the Hellenic region. 

The ASe fleet consists of a Boeing 737 700 series new generation jet and an ATR42 500 series advanced turboprop aircraft. The airlines flight schedule is set up so that either plane can be used provided the airport could support the specific class. Dimitripoulos stated, “For the time being we utilize Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2000 Pro, but it is in our agenda to expand to the older FS98 as well as provide the ground for FLY II pilots to fly with us.”

As with any great virtual airline, ASe vAS acknowledges that it will be under a status of constant evolution. Commenting about the future of ASe, Dimitripoulos said, [we are] aiming to serve our pilots to the maximum possible degree.” For example, the air carrier has plans for the development of a Cargo department as well as the addition of some older aircraft.

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