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ASe129 World Tour 2003-2004

Below you can find the World Tour legs flown by ASe129 Mr Marco Massarini from 19/12/2003 to 17/1/2004.

Leg 1: Thessaloniki Makedonia LGTS Hellas-Lajes AB LPLA Portugal Leg 2: Lajes AB LPLA Portugal-John F. Kennedy KJFK USA Leg 3: John F. Kennedy KJFK USA-Corpus Christi Intl KCRP USA Leg 4: Corpus Christi Intl KCRP USA-Calgary Intl CYYC Canada Leg 5: Calgary Intl CYYC Canada-Anchorage Intl PANC USA Leg 6: Anchorage Intl PANC USA-Honolulu Intl PHNL USA Leg 7: Honolulu Intl PHNL USA-Los Angeles intl KLAX USA Leg 8: Los Angeles intl KLAX USA-Gen Juan N. Alvarez MMAA Mexico Leg 9:Gen Juan N. Alvarez MMAA Mexico-Simon Bolivar Intl  SVMI Venezuela Leg 10: Simon Bolivar Intl  SVMI Venezuela-Pinto Martins Intl SBFZ Brazil Leg 11: Pinto Martins Intl SBFZ Brazil-Rio De Janeiro Intl-Galeao SBGL Brazil Leg 12: Rio De Janeiro Intl-Galeao SBGL Brazil-Ezeiza Intl Ministro Pis SAEZ Argentina Leg 13: Ezeiza Intl Ministro Pis SAEZ Argentina-Mount Pleasant EGYP Falkland Islands Leg 14: Mount Pleasant EGYP Falkland Islands-Arturo Merino Benitez Intl SCEL Chile Leg 15: Arturo Merino Benitez Intl SCEL Chile-Easter Island  Mataveri Intl SCIP Chile Leg 16: Easter Island  Mataveri Intl SCIP Chile-Mururoa NTTX French Polynesia Leg 17: Mururoa NTTX French Polynesia-Pago Pago Intl NSTU USA Leg 18: Pago Pago Intl NSTU USA-Wellington Intl NZWN New Zealand Leg 19: Wellington Intl NZWN New Zealand-Kingsford Smith Intl YSSY Australia Leg 20: Kingsford Smith Intl YSSY Australia-Bali Intl WRRR Indonesia Leg 21: Bali Intl WRRR Indonesia-Hong Kong Intl VHHH China Leg 22:Hong Kong Intl VHHH China-Tokyo Haneda RJTT Japan Leg 23: Tokyo Haneda RJTT Japan-Buyant-Ukhaa ZMUB Mongolia Leg 24: Buyant-Ukhaa ZMUB Mongolia-Islamabad Chaklala OPRN Pakistan Leg 25: Islamabad Chaklala OPRN Pakistan-Male Intl VRMM Maldives Leg 26: Male Intl VRMM Maldives-Mauritius Intl FIMP Mauritius Leg 27: Mauritius Intl FIMP Mauritius-Johannesburg Intl FAJS South Africa Leg 28: Johannesburg Intl FAJS South Africa-Kinshasa N'djili Intl FZAA Zaire Leg 29: Kinshasa N'djili Intl FZAA Zaire-Monrovia Roberts Intl GLRB Liberia Leg 30: Monrovia Roberts Intl GLRB Liberia GLRB-Rabat Sale GMME Morocco Leg 31: Rabat Sale GMME Morocco-Alexandria Borg El Arab HEBA Egypt Leg 32: Alexandria Borg El Arab HEBA Egypt-Helsinki Vantaa EFHK Finland Leg 33: Helsinki Vantaa EFHK Finland-Dublin EIDW Ireland Leg 34: Dublin EIDW Ireland-Thessaloniki Makedonia LGTS Hellas.